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Hearing Voices Group Facilitator Training (Mon/Tues)

July 15 July 30

Please complete the application below in its entirety no later than Monday June 17th, 2024, in order to be considered for this training. We will be notifying everyone about whether or not they have a spot in the training or are wait-listed the following week. 

See Below for Further Training Details:


Monday, July 15th

Tuesday, July 16th

Monday, July 22nd

Tuesday, July 23rd

Monday, July 29th

Tuesday, July 30th

All six sessions will run from Noon to 4PM Eastern time / 9am to 1PM Pacific time. 

Reading homework may be assigned ahead of time and/or during the class. Attendance at all sessions is required to complete the training. (Note: Participants are able to miss up to two hours of the training not including breaks, and still receive a certificate of completion. Some make-up work may be required.)

TRAINING LOCATION: This training is being held ON-LINE via Zoom.  PLEASE NOTE: This is not something we intend to do often, and is strictly to bridge the gap while the COVID-19 pandemic is happening. In general, we recommend in person trainings wherever possible.

TRAINING PREREQUISITES: This training is primarily intended for people who have some basic facilitation skills and/or training, though not absolutely required so long as it is understood that the training is not designed to provide these basic skills. You should have an active interest in starting a Hearing Voices group or supporting an existing one.

COST: The Wildflower Alliance does not have dedicated funding to support our many trainings offered to individuals or organizations. We rely on fees from participants to continue this important and difficult work. Participant fees pay our uniquely skilled & experienced trainers, support ongoing curriculum development, and help offset the costs of related administrative work. At the same time, we are committed to making these trainings as accessible as possible to community members committed to our work who are poor, disabled, working paycheck-to-paycheck or may not stand to inherit wealth.

We know that sometimes it’s hard to know what to pay when offered a sliding scale. We invite you to be honest about what resources you have access to and what you are able to give to reflect the value of this approach in your life and in the world.

Low Income: $150 – Solidarity rate. For community members committed to our work who are poor, disabled, working paycheck-to-paycheck or may not stand to inherit wealth. No one will be turned away for lack of funds. Please contact us at info@wildfloweralliance.org if this rate is out of reach for you.

Sustain: $225 – Cover most of our costs. For someone able to meet their basic needs with a little extra money leftover. 

Full Cost: $350 – Support the true value of our training. For people with savings over $5,000 or ample spending money for non-essentials.

Organizational Support: $500+ – For organizations purchasing tickets for employees, or individuals with access to over $50,000 in cash or liquid assets. Please contact us at info@wildfloweralliance.org if this rate is out of reach for your organization. We will consider discounted rates for smaller, grassroots organizations.

OTHER IMPORTANT INFO:  It is not required to have lived experience of voices, visions or unusual beliefs to facilitate Hearing Voices groups. However, a co-facilitation model is recommended and involvement of individuals with lived experience is strongly encouraged.