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Compassionate Accountable Conversations Training (Wed, Thurs, Fri)

January 24 January 26

The Wildflower Alliance is excited to host a Compassionate Accountable Conversations training provided by Growing a New Heart. In our work of supporting healing and empowerment for communities and people who have been impacted by various life-interrupting challenges, we sometimes engage in conversations about harm and accountability. These conversations are not easy, and we know that they are also incredibly important. This training is one step in our process to explore and refine our approach to when we are supporting someone who is doing harm in their relationships, or being asked to intervene in harm that has happened between community members.

T he training will be held on the following dates:

  • Wednesday, January 24th
  • Thursday, January 25th
  • Friday, January 26th

All days will be scheduled for 9:00am-1:00pm Eastern USA time (8am to 12pm Central, 7am to 11am Mountain, 6am to 10am Pacific) and held on Zoom.

About the training:

The Compassionate Accountable Conversations framework is the foundation for the A Call for Change Helpline intervention, the anonymous and confidential helpline for people who use force and control in their intimate partnerships. This 3-day learning intensive will support people in learning how to hold transformative conversations based in compassion and accountability.

The training facilitators recognize that everyone coming to this training has unique wisdom, experience and insight that can be a source of learning for the group as a whole. All of your skills and experience are valued here.We ask that you commit to participating fully in all three sessions, and confirm that you have the availability to participate before you register.

The training series will be structured to cover the following different focal points each day:

Day One is laying the foundations. We will explore the frameworks we use for understanding uses of force in relationships and how these are connected to abusive values, socialization, unresolved trauma and the continuum of substance use. We will begin to practice the use of 15 skills that are effective when faced with manipulation patterns related to dominance—but that do not replicate dominance.

Day Two we examine how we assess risk, the roles we take on in these interventions, and how those relate to our social location. We examine the Process of Change, Use of Force by gender, and begin to explore the 12 strategies we practice in-depth in our last day.

Day Three we cultivate our Field of Peace before we engage with 9 interrupters, 15 skills, and 12 strategies. Then we practice, practice. We close with our own (lighthearted) practice with Accountable Apologies.

These days are designed for interaction throughout. Please do your best to find a place where you can talk freely in small and large groups. We welcome your animal companions and your coffee and snacks. We want you to feel supported in this process of unlearning and learning to gain new tools and skills around navigating conflict and repair in your life and communities.

For more information on Growing a New Heart, check out their website here: https://growinganewheart.org/

For more information on A Call for Change Helpline: https://acallforchangehelpline.org/