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6 Session Class: Working with Hearing Voices & Unusual Beliefs

October 17 October 25

Participants in this 6-session training will learn how to better understand and support people to make meaning of their experiences with voice hearing and/or unusual beliefs or what gets called “paranoia.” Attendance at all sessions is required to fully complete the training. All sessions will be held on-line, and all times listed are in Eastern USA time. Registration is required. Space is limited.

Learn with Peter Bullimore (and crew) from the United Kingdom, one of the most experienced trainers of the global Hearing Voices movement. These sessions are particularly helpful for clinicians who are seeking to understand Marius Romme’s Three Stage model and to implement the Maastricht Interview tool into their practice. Originally developed as a research tool, Maastricht interviews have been found to help many individuals make sense of their non-consensus reality experiences and envision new paths forward in managing them.

  • Thursday, October 17th, 10-2pm: Three Stages of Hearing Voices
  • Friday, October 18th, 10-2pm: Three Stages of Unusual Beliefs/”Paranoia”
  • Monday, October 21st, 10-11:30am: Maastricht Interview Overview
  • Tuesday, October 22nd, 9-4pm: Using Maastricht for Voices
  • Thursday, October 24th, 9-4pm: Using Maastricht for Unusual Beliefs/”Paranoia”
  • Friday, October 25th, 10-2pm: How to Use What’s Learned from Maastricht

PLEASE NOTE: All times are listed in Eastern USA time. We are unable to offer recordings of these sessions at this time. People seeking to attend must be able to do so live.